How to accept late submissions into a PeerMark assignment in Turnitin

When a paper assignment is set to allow late submissions and is also being used as the basis for a PeerMark assignment, how can these late papers be included in the review process?

The late paper date setting can be accessed by clicking the ‘Show More Options’ link in the Assignment Dates section of the PeerMark Settings page. [Please note that the late paper option only appears once the base assignment has been selected.] Papers submitted up to the late paper date will be included in the pool for peer review.

The late paper date must be after the PeerMark assignment start date but before the due date. This allows students who submit late papers to complete their own reviews and to have time for their papers to be reviewed.

As of Fall 2016, Turnitin is available exclusively through CCLE. For assistance using the service through CCLE, please contact your local CCLE support group or submit a ticket for assistance.