How to Add a Wimba Voice Tool in CCLE Moodle

These are instructions for instructors on how to add a Wimba Voice Tool (Voice Board, Presentation Tool, Podcaster) to your course site in CCLE Moodle.

1. Login at and go to your course site.

2. Click ‘Turn editing on’ on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Under the topic area, click on the ‘Add an Activity’ drop-down menu and select Wimba Voice Tool.

4. Fill in the form by specifying the Name of the activity, which Topic area you want the item to appear, the Associated Voice Tool, and other settings.

Note: If you haven’t yet created a Wimba Voice Tool yet, you’ll be prompted to create one. If you already have, then choose one of the Voice Tools from the drop-down menu, or click ‘New’ (on the right side) to create a new one. This allows you to choose the same Voice Tool for multiple Activities that you create, should you need to do so.

5. Click ‘Create’.