How to add R printer for Idoc printing.

Thanks to AIS for all their help!


Before printing any of the employee information, a printer must be selected.

-Selecting a Printer

(Note: If you will always be printing at the same printer, this step needs to be taken only once – the first time you want to print a document)

Logon onto OASIS.

Enter PPP to access Personnel/Payroll

Enter UCSA to access the System Administration Menu or enter IDDB to access the Department EDB Inquiry Menu.

Enter PRNT to access the Printer Selection Menu.

The cursor will be positioned in the “Number of copies” field. If you wish to print more than one copy, change the number and press enter. Otherwise, just TAB to the next field.

If the printer is listed on the first page of the Printer Selection Menu, skip to the next step. Otherwise, use the F8 key to scroll forward until the printer you wish to select is displayed on the screen.

This is where you will see your "R"xxxx printer listed.

Use the TAB key to position the cursor in the Selected Printer column next to the printer you wish to select and press the “Enter” key.

A message should be displayed that the “Input is Accepted”. Press the F9 key to update. This printer will remain as your selected printer until you select a different printer.