How to Change 'Topic Outline' on Class Page

This is a description of the location of code that should be changed in order to remove the ‘Topic Outline’ header of the class page a replace it with The class name and info. This information is for Moodle v1.7 found at The code pertaining to this issue is consistent with 1.8 (line 105)

The files that need to be changed are:

  1. course/format/topic/format.php
  2. course/format/weeks/format.php
  3. course/format/weekscss/format.php
  4. course/format/lams/format.php

The first step is to located and/or remove the ‘Topic Outline’ (or corresponding header):

  1. (Line 81) print_heading_block(get_string(‘topicoutline’), ‘outline’);
  2. (Line 67) print_heading_block(get_string(‘weeklyoutline’), ‘outline’);
  3. (Line 96) print_heading_block(get_string(‘weeklyoutline’), ‘outline’);
  4. (Line 76) print_heading_block(get_string(‘lamsoutline’,‘lams’), ‘outline’);

The next is to move the $thissection declaration further up in the code to the previous location of Header. This is located on the following lines:

  1. Lines 98-99
  2. Lines 84-85
  3. Lines 112-113
  4. Lines 93-94

The last part is to move the summary division up to the original location of the header (but after the $thissection declaration). Summary division refers to everything inside the <div class=“summary”> block:

  1. Lines 106-116
  2. Lines 92-101
  3. Lines 123-132
  4. Lines 102-111

After searching the Moodle Forums ( I found several posts about this that were less invasive.