How to connect to UCLA's Jabber server

General instructions

  1. Download a chat client that supports jabber. Here are a list of jabber chat clients:
  2. Add a jabber account for your chat client and set the following values:
  3. Server or Domain:
  4. Jabber ID: [ucla logonid]
  5. Password: [ucla_logonid_password]
  6. Then connect and you should now be logged in to UCLA’s jabber server

Pidgin on Windows

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: [ucla logonid]
  • Domain:
  • Resource: (blank)
  • Password: [ucla logonind password]
  • Local alias: You can pick a for the chat room to be displayed in your buddy list.

About UCLA’s Jabber system
We are running an XMPP server (Jabber is the colloquial name — but since Cisco bought the co many by the same name things have become muddied). Our service is only open to UCLA Logon ID account holders.

The software we are using (ejabberd) is simple to set up and runs with virtually no interaction.

May 25, 2017 confirmed that Jabber still available on campus.