How to create a new UCLA user in Moodle

UCLA Moodle accounts are automatically created when someone first logs into the CCLE site via the UCLA Login. But if you want to set up someone’s UCLA account in advance, follow the steps below.

Note: You need the following information about the user to pre-create his/her UCLA Moodle account:

  1. UCLA Login (usually same as BruinOnline ID)
  2. First and last name
  3. The same email address that the user has specified as “official”, either on URSA (for students) or by the Department (for faculty and staff). Note that this may not necessarily be the same as his/her BOL email address.

Steps to create a UCLA user account:

  1. Log in as administrator to the CCLE/Moodle system.
  2. Site Administration
  3. Users
  4. Accounts
  5. Add a new user
  6. Press the “Advanced” button
  7. In the “Edit profile screen:”
  8. Username: put in their UCLA Logon ID This should be in the form
  9. Change authentication method to Shibboleth
  10. Password: Moodle requires that you enter one, so just enter some dummy text (e.g. password). This won’t have any effect on their UCLA Logon password, which is what they’ll use to log in.
  11. Enter a First Name, Surname and Email address.
  12. Enter a city (Los Angeles) and country (U.S.A.) – these are required
  13. Email activated: Make sure it’s “This email address is enabled”.
  14. The rest of the settings are optional, and the user can modify them later if need be.
  15. Click “Update profile” to save the new account.
  16. Go ahead and assign this account to the sites you want them to have access to. When they login with their UCLA Logon ID and password they’ll automatically be linked to those sites.
  17. To also add this new account to an existing Moodle site, see In Moodle how do I add participants to a site?