How to enable access to your CCLE/Moodle course

For TAs and instructors using the campus-wide ccle system at, this article no longer applies. See Inviting users to join a class (

This article explains how someone with the role of “instructor” can enable any CCLE user to gain access to a CCLE/Moodle course site, essentially by enrolling him- or herself in your site.

Instructions on how to self-enroll in a site are here:

  • Log into your site with instructor or higher permissions.
  • Click on the “Settings” link in the Administration block.
  • Scroll down to the “Enrollments” section and be sure the setting for “Course enrollable” is set to Yes.
  • Scroll down to the section labeled “Availability” in the next window.
  • Make sure “Availability” is set to “This course is available to students.” This ensures that the course appears in the list of courses in the CCLE (Moodle) portal at
  • Enter a password in the field labeled “Enrollment key.” If you want to make your site enrollable without any key, leave this field empty.

You may also want to change the setting for “Default role,” since this is the level of permissions someone will acquire when they use the enrollment key to join the site. Usually, “Site default (Student)” is what you want for those who should be able to interact with the site, but not modify the contents that appear on it. However, if you want anyone who enrolls with an enrollment key to be able to modify the site as an instructor, change the setting for “Default role” to “instructor”.

Provide the enrollment key to whomever you wish to grant access to your course.