How to find broken links in your web site

There is a really great tool that is free to use that can check your web site for broken links. It’s called Xenu’s Link Sleuth and is a simple installer for Windows. It’s very easy to use and prints useful reports as well. There is a nice FAQ if you have questions about its use.

For more info, go here:

Short description:

Xenu’s Link Sleuth™ checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.

Additional features:

  • Simple, no-frills user-interface
  • Can re-check broken links (useful for temporary network errors)
  • Simple report format, can also be e-mailed
  • Executable file smaller than 1MB
  • Supports SSL websites ("https:// ")
  • Partial testing of ftp and gopher sites
  • Detects and reports redirected URLs
  • Site Map