How to get to Union Station from UCLA

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Big Blue Bus/Metro Expo Line

  • Take the Big Blue Bus #12, #12 Rapid, or #8 south down Westwood Blvd. and get off at Westwood Blvd/Exposition Blvd stop. From the Westwood/Rancho Park station, take the Expo Line east toward downtown Los Angeles. At the 7th Street/Metro Center station, change to the Red or Purple Line towards Union Station.


Wilshire route

  • The #720 Rapid bus is a limited-stop bus that goes along Wilshire Blvd. Get on at Wilshire & Westwood, heading eastward. Transfer to the Metro Purple Line subway at the “Wilshire/Western”, “Wilshire/Normandie”, or “Wilshire/Vermont” subway stations (which are located at the respective intersections; the Metro Red Line is also available at Wilshire/Vermont). Take the subway to Union Station.

Sunset route

  • The #2 bus goes along Sunset Blvd. It goes around the UCLA campus and has stops on Veteran, Gayley, Le Conte, and Hilgard Avenues. Take the bus going eastward, and it will eventually get to downtown LA. You will need to walk several blocks from a stop to Union Station. This route is much slower than the Wilshire route above. At certain times of the day, a “#302” limited-stop variant is available.

Big Blue Bus

  • Take the #1 bus to Santa Monica & Bundy, then cross the street to transfer to Bus #10 “Freeway Express” which goes to Union Station.

Commuter Express

  • The #534 bus has several stops on Wilshire Blvd., and goes to Union Station. As a commuter bus, it only goes to Westwood a few times in the morning, and goes to Union Station a few times in the evening.

Alternative for Amtrak riders

  • Amtrak provides a bus service that directly goes to UCLA at Gayley & Strathmore (close to the dorms and apartments). The bus does not go to Union Station, but instead connects to the Van Nuys station for the Pacific Surfliner trains (which go to San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara / San Diego) and to Bakersfield for the San Joaquin trains (which go to Central Valley / Bay Area). There are only 4 buses a day, but it may be more convenient than going to Union Station. You buy the ticket for the train and bus connection together, and there is a discount code that can be used by UCLA students and faculty and staff. See also here .