How to Import Scans of 35mm Slides into a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Older versions of PowerPoint cannot rotate imported scans. If you are using an older PowerPoint version, you’ll need to use image manipulation software to correct any pictures that are not properly oriented, before attempting to bring them into your presentation.
  2. Open a blank slide in a new or existing PowerPoint presentation. Make sure the Slides Sized for choice list (in Page Setup under the File menu) is set to 35mm Slide, if you want the imported scan to fill the slide area exactly.
  3. Drop down the Insert menu in PowerPoint and select Picture:From File. In the resulting dialog box, navigate to the desired picture-containing directory. Choose a picture file and click the Insert button.
  4. To prevent unwanted cropping, the imported scan must fit within the slide area. Position the picture by clicking and dragging somewhere within the picture area. Scale the picture by clicking and dragging on a corner handle. If necessary, you can use PowerPoint’s zoom tool to view the entire picture without having to scroll.
  5. If the imported scan does not fill the slide area, you can change the slide’s background color using the Format:Background command. Selecting “Black” as the background color will make the picture appear to float on the projection screen.

This information was originally posted on the now defunct UCLA Photographic Services Website.
Submitted by George Helfand, formerly with UCLA Photographic Services.