How to protect your Blackberry!

Your BlackBerry device allows access to your email account, so you must take steps to secure it against misuse by others. The following instructions will help you do so:

Set the password and timeout option:

Select Options, then Security.
Next to “Password”, highlight the word Disable and click the trackwheel.
Select Change Option, then Enable.
Enter your password and press the Enter key.
Note: The password must be 4 to 14 characters in length. You must not enter a password composed of identical characters or a natural sequence (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4), as it will be rejected.

Enter your password again to verify it.
Next to “Security Timeout,” highlight the displayed time and click the trackwheel.
Select Change Option, and choose a reasonable time for the handheld to time out and lock. UITS recommends 15 minutes or less.
To exit the “Security” screen, press the Escape key. You will be prompted to save. Select Yes.

Whenever you put down your BlackBerry, lock it by selecting Lock from the main menu.

Be wary of sending PIN to PIN messages. When using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Redirector, all email messages are triple DES encrypted when traveling between your BlackBerry and your Exchange mailbox, ensuring that they are indecipherable by anyone who might intercept them. However, PIN to PIN messages are not encrypted and transmit in plain text, allowing anyone who intercepts a message to read it. While this is a remote possibility, you should not send sensitive information in a PIN to PIN message.