How to remove participants from a Moodle course site

This article explains how an instructor (or someone with a higher level of access) can remove a participant from a CCLE/Moodle course site. The participant removed will subsequently not appear in the list of participants and will no longer have access to the course site.

Instead of clicking the “Participants” link in the block labeled “People,” go to the “Administration” block and click “Assign roles.”

Proceed as though you’re granting a new person access to your course site by clicking on the link corresponding to a particular level of access. In this case, you should click the level of access that the participant to be removed already has. By and large, this will be student-level access, so click “Student.”

In the next screen you’ll see a list of participants in a block on the left who have this level of access. In the block on the right, you’ll probably see the note “There are too many potential users to show” (because all users within the CCLE system would be listed here and the list would be excessively long).

Highlight the participant you wish to remove and the click on the black arrow between the two blocks that points to the right. When you’re done, the participant will no longer appear in the list of participants on the left.

NOTE: On instructional CCLE/Moodle sites, enrollment is automatic for students officially registered for the course, and the CCLE system updates at regular intervals based on data from the Registrar. Therefore, if you remove a participant who still appears in the Registrar’s database as registered for the course, the CCLE system will restore this student’s access (putting his name back in the list of participants) once the automatic update has run.