How to run Eclipse from your USB key?

Having a runnable copy of Eclipse on your USB drive is very handy. Here is how to set up Eclipse + JDT on your USB key. It assumes that your USB key is inserted as F:

Prepare Eclipse

  • Download Eclipse Platform and JDT from
  • Extract the content of the two files to the directory “F:\Eclipse”

Prepare JDK

  • You have to have Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on your computer first. Get JDK from
  • Suppose JDK is installed at “C:\JDK”, copy the content of the directory “C:\JDK” to the directory “F:\JDK

Create a start-up batch file

You could type the following commands every time you want to start Eclipse, or (highly recommended!) save the following commands to the file “F:\eslipse.bat”. Then you just need to double-click this file to start Eclipse.

@echo off
set ECLIPSE_HOME=“\Eclipse”