How to switch to Gmail while using the same BOL e-mail address?


You are used to your BOL e-mail address at and everyone reach you by this address. One day you decided to switch to Gmail and got yourself

For some reason (e.g. hard to get everyone to use your new address), you want people to keep sending e-mails to But at the same time, you want to enjoy reading e-mails via Gmail’s (excellent IMHO) web interface. Related, this can take advantage of Gmail’s anti-spam mitigation measures.


  1. Get BOL to forward all e-mails to your Gmail account: Log into BOL’s web interface at and then go to Filters → Forward → Create Forward Rule. Enter your Gmail address (e.g. and click “Save Changes”.
  2. Have Gmail put your BOL e-mail address as the sender’s e-mail address: Log into Gmail at and go to Settings → Accounts → Add another email address. Enter your name and your BOL e-mail address (e.g. and follow the instruction to verify the address. Then, press “make default” next to this address.