HP Laserjet 1012 and Windows 7

The HP LaserJet 1012 does not have a Windows 7 driver.

The Windows Vista driver for the LaserJet 1012 should work, or the Windows 7 LaserJet 1015 driver.

Two methods to make this work:
1) download the Windows Vista driver and extract the driver files to a temporary folder. Then when installing the printer, go to “have disk” for the driver and point to where you placed the driver files. Please bypass any errors.

This method works, however there are typically several seconds of delay between printing and printing each page.

2) when installing the printer, go to “Windows Update” for the driver on the Add Printer Wizard. This normally takes a few minutes to update the driver list. When the updated driver list comes up, go to “HP” and then select “LaserJet 1015”. The LaserJet 1015 driver should work.

Personality errors may also occur with the printer driver, in which case method #1 must be used instead.