I am getting this error message when I try to log in: "Your login is no longer valid. Please try logging in again."

There are two scenarios where this occurs. Are you getting this message after logging in or before you had a chance to?

If it is before you log in, your internet browser might be saving your logins and if you close the window before you sign out, the next time you go to the page, it’s assuming that you’re still logged in. (Sometimes your internet browser might save information about a page you were just on and it will attempt to recall it for you when you return to the page, sometimes it is a helpful thing, sometimes it can be a hassle).

To fix this, if you’re using Firefox, go to the Tools menu of your web browser, and select Options. Click on the “Privacy” option and look for Cookies. Then hit “Clear”.� Refresh your page and attempt to log in again.

For Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.� Click on the “General” tab and look for Temporary Internet Folder,� then hit Delete cookies. Also, under Temporary Internet Files, hit Delete Files.

Now if you’re on a Mac and are using Safari, click on Safari at the top of the menus and select Preferences. Click on the “Security” tab and then click on Show Cookies.� You can either delete all the cookies, or select certain ones. It is alright to delete them all since cookies aren’t supposed to save passwords. If you’re trying to log in with your Brunin Online account or your University ID, and want to select certain ones to delete, then search for ISIS under the Name field.

Now if this error occurs before you had a chance to log in, the error page coming from the cached memory. What caching does is it saves information to the temporary folders and each time you go to the site, it will try to pull from the cached memory to make the download of the page faster. To remove cached items, follow the same steps to removing cookies, except, look for cache instead of cookies.�