I am visiting UCLA but am unable to obtain a BOL Guest Logon ID. Is there any other way I can still access the campus wireless network?

UCLA_WEB is a publicly accessible network that does not require UCLA Logon ID credentials. Visitors to campus can connect to this network. When in range of the network, to connect you simply need to select UCLA_WEB from the list of available networks.

Please note that since this is a publicly accessible network, there are certain restrictions in place. Access is restricted to HTTP/HTTPS traffic. This means that you will only be able to access network services through your web browser. Other software such as instant messaging, gaming, file-sharing, e-mail clients such as Outlook, etc. generally will not work when connected to UCLA_WEB.

Alternative Methods of Connecting for Visitors

  • VPN – If you have VPN access through another university or institution, you can connect to UCLA_WEB and then login to your VPN to bypass the UCLA_WEB network restrictions and receive full network access.
  • Eduroam – If eduroam is available at your home university or institution you can connect to eduroam at UCLA using your home institution’s login credentials. For assistance with your login credentials please contact your home institution’s IT support.
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