I can't download or listen to ram files posted as links.

Are you trying to directly stream it from the site, or are you actually trying to save it to your computer? If you click the link directly and your Real Player media pops up, that means you’re trying to stream it. If you’re having trouble streaming it, then using IE right click over the link and select “Save Target as…”. This will allow you to download the file.

Not having an updated version of RealPlayer can prevent the computer from playing. Links to the official site (click on the “Get RealPlayer – Free” link on the right hand side):

- or -
(for above long url http://tinyurl.com/rytwh)

When trying this from off-campus, sometimes one might experience trouble accessing the file (either a blank screen or denying access). In that case, download the UCLA VPN and run it. The VPN allows one to masquerade as an UCLA IP address which allow you to access the link (http://www.bol.ucla.edu/services/vpn/)

NOTE: After installing RealPlayer, download necessary security patches/fixes/updates by launching RealPlayer go to Tools > Check for Update. The updates can be large, thus it is convenient to perform the update on a high speed network/connection.