I have Windows XP, how can I restore my computer to a previous configuration?

You can use a feature called �System Restore� to restore your Windows XP PC to a previous working configuration.

Click Start → Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Restore.

Remember that the Windows XP default desktop view and Start menu are different from the Windows Classic View.

The first time you use System Restore, two options appear on the welcome page:

  • Restore my computer to an earlier time
  • Create a restore point

Click �Restore my computer to an earlier time� → click Next.

On the calendar that appears, choose the restore point to which you would like to roll your system back. Click �Next�.

You will be prompted to close all applications before completing the restore process, because the computer will restart.

After the computer restarts, a confirmation screen will appear → click �OK� to continue using your computer.

The next time you start System Restore, you will see a third option, �Undo my last restoration�. This can be helpful if the restore point you went back to last time did not correct the original problem that you were having; you can easily return to the configuration from which you started troubleshooting.