IBM HOD installation Mac 10.15+

The website for all software for OASIS:

(if you have a CERT error, read the very bottom of this article) SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR IBM HOD (Mac 10.15+)
(don’t mind the link saying its only stunnel/brown etc)

OK here is how you install>>>

Java Must be installed for IBM HOD to work.

FIRST : Install Latest Java if you haven’t already:
(click Agree and Start Free Download)
Save to Desktop or Downloads
Double Click on JRE-#u###-macosx-x64.dmg (# = version number)
Double click on Java # – ### Icon now created in the same folder (desktop or downloads)
Double Click on Java # Update XXX
Click on Open
Click on Install
(Requires Permission) Type in your MAC password and click OK.
This will install Java (wait about 1minute)
Click Close. (Java now installed)

SECOND: Now, let’s download IBM HOD from the website. Direct link to BOX is below.

Download IBM HOD for MAC 10.15+:
· Login to BOX (UCLA SSO)
· Download Dated: OCT 10, 2022.
· Save to Desktop or Downloads Folder.

To Install:
· Double Click ZIP file which creates a SA-HODv14 FOLDER on the Desktop or Downloads Folder.
· Copy the WHOLE SA-HODv14 Folder to your Applications Folder
· Now, from Applications Folder, open the SA-HODv14 Folder and double click on LaunchHOD.nnlp
(you may need to RIGHT CLICK and OPEN to allow MacOS to allow the app to open)
· A Java warning message will pop up asking if you want to RUN this application.
· You may get a message asking to get access to the desktop.
· Click “Do No show again” and click RUN
· This will launch the IBM Host-On Demand screen launching the IBM HOST ON DEMAND Configured Sessions Window.. now the next step…

To Configure OASIS:
· Click on Add Session
· Click on 3270 (will change color when selected)
· Click on Import
· In the path copy this: /Applications/SA-HODv14/lib/OASIS.hod
· Click OK, and click OK that it’s been successfully imported.
· Click Close on the ADD Session screen

You will now see UCLA OASIS 3270 ICON in the Configured Sessions Window.


· You can double click to launch OASIS session.
· Login to OASIS as needed.

From now on, you can double click on the IBM HOST ON DEMAND icon on the desktop to launch OASIS. (OR ADD TO YOUR DOCK / MENU BAR)

UPDATE CERT (as of 10/10/022) :

Check the CERT file (CustomizedCAs.p12).

After installation, DOWNLOAD the CustomizedCAs.p12 (marked Oct 2022)

DOWNLOAD and COPY that file to the LIB file under /Applications/SA-HODv14/lib. It will ask to “REPLACE”. (You can open up a 2nd finder window, and drag and drop the file)

Done. Restart IBMHOD… works again.