I'm a new technology based employee at UCLA. How do I learn what's available to me?

If you work in any of the computer technology positions at UCLA, the first thing you should do is join the BruinTech listserv. This will get you on the list to receive announcements, news and events that could be relevant to your job. Then I would suggest that you check the list of technology committees we have for tech professionals at UCLA and see which you’d like to learn more about or get on the listserv for. Then be sure to attend some BruinTech, Help Desk Consortium, Programmers Exchange, Campus Web Publishers, or other affiliated events and get to know your peers. We have a highly decentralized technical environment at UCLA, but we have wonderful mechanisms for building relationships across campus and learning and sharing ideas with others.

To join BruinTech listserv:

To get involved with BruinTech, please see our Volunteer opportunities: http://bruintech.ucla.edu/get-involved

If you are the main technologist for your organization, to update our database:

For information about obtaining software discounts and general software news join the Software News and Microsoft Licensing listservs at http://www.softwarecentral.ucla.edu/documents/SoftwareCentrale-MailLists.htm.

Additional software related resources at http://www.softwarecentral.ucla.edu

Also, please see http://kb.ucla.edu/articles/as-a-staff-member-what-technical-groups-should-i-consider-joining-on-campus