I’m looking for a database program to keep track of my contacts, meetings, and to be a “tickler” system to remind me of various due dates

Outlook is pretty good. :) Actually, I’ve not seen anything that I like better than Outlook (in an Exchange environment). And it syncs to just about every device. I’d love to hear of something better at task management though!

hmm…that’s a thought. Simple and cheap. What about Access or Bento? Anyone out there use either one?

what about Evernote? Has anyone tried this before? http://www.evernote.com/about/home.php

It seems that there’s a Business Contact Manager plug-in for Outlook that may be helpful. Otherwise, the default Outlook features may be adequate including the ability to link Contacts to Tasks, set Reminders (some of which work on my smartphone), and broad use of Categories for tagging.

Google Apps ecosystem can do such, Gmail and Google Calendar. Two www.LearnIT.ucla.edu modules on the topic covering things as:

  • Navigating through daily, weekly, and monthly calendars and agendas
  • Creating and editing various types of events
  • Setting up notifications for events through email, pop-up, or desktop reminders
  • Creating shared calendars for teams, events, and resources
  • Viewing a holiday calendar or a co-worker’s schedule
  • Customizing a calendar’s look and feel
  • Managing calendar privacy
  • Managing Contacts
  • Navigating the Contact Manager
  • Importing and exporting contacts
  • Creating and editing contacts
  • Creating personal distribution lists
  • Searching your contacts
    Tying these to a smartphone app, such as an Android, would better allow “tickling”.

The two modules: