Import resources/activities from one Moodle site to another

If you would like to reuse resources or activities from another course you’ve taught or are teaching, you can use the IMPORT function in the Administration block.

Important notes
1. Both the source and destination courses need to sit on the same server.
2. Section headers (topics) are not properly imported. Workaround this is to substitute labels for descriptive text or graphics as labels are counted as resources.
3. User data won’t be imported. For example, when importing a forum from a past course, no forum posts will come through. If the import function doesn’t meet your needs, contact your local support people to use the backup/restore process instead.

Steps for doing Import
1. Go to the course website you’d like to import to (i.e., New course site)
2. Click ‘Import’ in the Administration menu
3. Select the course you’d like to import from. You have three options here. You can choose from the courses you’ve taught (Click ‘Use this course’) or search it by typing the course title (Click ‘Search courses’).
4. Click ‘Continue’ (Uncheck the materials you don’t want to import)
5. Click ‘Continue’ until the process is over
6. Check if any links are broken. Video Furnace links normally expire after one quarter. If you want to keep using the videos, make a request to OID
7. Check the content of each imported item. If you encounter any problems, please contact your local support people to use the backup/restore process instead.

For local support:
When users report broken links with Import, there could be two reasons: 1)The relevant files don’t get imported; 2) even when all the files are imported, the links need to be re-established. Try the following:
1. Go to Administration→Files on the source course. The default view is the course_materials folder. Download all the relevant files (e.g. images) and then upload them to the same folder structure on the destination.
2. If it still doesn’t solve all the problems, edit each resource where links are broken. In the HTML editor, toggle (<>) HTML codes, locate the problematic href and manually fix the file path.

More info on section headers (topic) problem here: