In Moodle, what does the Database Activity do?

The Moodle Database Activity allows instructors to build their databases for class use. Here is a link to a collection called Database for Databases

Moodle Documentation Lists theses a great examples of database use.
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Note Jan. 2007 from Daye Rogers of GSEIS about their use of it in Moodle 1.6.

We are currently using it for a rather large project at the School of Education. We have a group, the Writing Project, that wants to allows UCLA Writing Fellows currently teaching in the LAUSD (thats over 300 people) to enter student work for a yearly Writing Event. This is a great activity, since it allows for multiple uploads. Each teacher that decides to participate can upload 5 pieces of student work (you can set a maximum entries limit). You can also create templates that allow for formatting (even css formatting) the view list of the files uploaded.