In Moodle, where are the summaries going when you create a web page?

Under adding resources, when adding a web page, there is a summary field, but it never seems to display after you submit it. Is it a theme decision to ignore them?

When you create a resource or activity there is a summary option for the item you are creating. That summary will always display from the Resources page within the course, while some items allow for the summary to display in a framed page, depending on the resource. The Web Page resource will not display that information on the same page it opens up, however it will display on the Resources page. If you choose to have resources open in a “New Window.” Then that summary will appear in the background window (the main window), while your Resource opens in a new window.

To get to the Resources page, there is a link in the Activities block. If the Activities block is not on the course page you can add it once you are an logged in as an Admin or have Teacher rights in a course.

You can also access the Resources page by going to a resource and then tracing back using the bread crumbs; Site >> Course Short Name >> Resources.