Including sites in main UCLA search engine

The Autonomy Search Engine used by the Vignette Portal Project spiders all campus websites starting with,,,,,, and

This search process is currently being used by the campus homepage and all pages within the Business and Administrative Services Portal. The algorithm weighs results according to:

  • title
  • meta name=“description”
  • meta name=“keywords”

Of course with the breadth of content being spidered, there is much contention for the top results retrieved. For that reason, the Ultraseek engine is offered as an optional search only after the results of the first search come back.

Also, the AIS Portal Team has developed a Favorite Site table that all search criteria entered is also checked against to bring key URL sites a higher ranking. If your site does not get the prominence anticipated, please contact the AIS Portal Team (email for inclusion into the Favorite Site routine.

For more information on the UltraSeek option, go to and select “Add URL” from the navbar on the right.