Installing Subversion on Windows

  • Download and install the Windows binary.
  • Download and install svnservice.
  • Because we will run Subversion as a service, C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin must be part of the PATH environment variable. The installation should have done this but double-check this.
  • Create a repository:
    svnadmin create “C:\IT\Subversion Repository”
  • Make sure file permissions on this folder are locked down. Edit the conf/svnserver.conf file:
    anon-access = read
    auth-access = write
    password-db = passwd
    ${username1} = ${password1}
    ${username2} = ${password2}
    ${username3} = ${password3}
  • Run SVNService Administration and fill in location of Subversion bin folder and the repository you created above. Notice the port (3690). Listen Host: should be set to the FQDN of the server so that it can be accessed remotely. Start the service. Change firewall settings to allow connections to this port as desired.
  • Install Tortoise SVN on a client computer.
  • Create a project with the usual subfolders:
    • branches
    • tags
    • trunk

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