Instructional sites vs. collaborative sites on CCLE/Moodle

“The following are the different types of sites that are hosted on the shared CCLE/Moodle server, with links to instructions about how to request them.

Course site. An official course website for any UCLA course with an SRS (student records system) number (a 9-digit unique ID assigned by the registrar). Normally, this site is the one to which the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes and MyUCLA “Course webpage” links go. Note that CCLE hosts only those course sites for departments or units that have opted into the CCLE and have decided to run course websites here. For instructions on how to request a course site, consult: Requesting a course site on Moodle

Collaboration site. A site for online collaboration of any kind—projects, committees, task forces, interest groups, etc. —involving at least two UCLA faculty, staff or student participants. Collaboration sites are available to anyone with UCLA affiliation to a department or unit that has opted into the CCLE. For instructions on how to request a collaboration site, consult: Requesting a collaboration site on Moodle"