Is it possible to set up a survey using Shibboleth logins?

Q: Hi, our department is looking for a way to allow voting on various topics… is there a way set up so that we can do this using people’s BOL logins? – posted by David Schiller

A: (or at least the start of one) Here are some options:

  1. Contact the folks at MyUCLA because they have hosted many student elections, and presumably the same process could be used for surveys.
  2. Moodle used and has a Questionnaire Tool and uses Shibboleth.
  3. Set up simple voting app in a web scripting language running Shibboleth, or if you don’t want to run it yourself, see if any of the many depts. programming with Shibboleth on campus could help. For UCLA Shibboleth docs, see IAMUCLA
  4. Check if this fellow at Duke managed to get Shibboleth working with SurveyMonkey: Shibboleth conversations with BlogSpot or SurveyMonkey?