Is available at UCLA for free?

Yes, is available at UCLA for free.

OIT and AIS have currently worked out an agreement with Lynda so that UCLA can have 38 concurrent, unlimited licenses until April 2011. In April, OIT will evaluate how often was used, and decide how to move forward. See update at:

The licenses can be used by faculty, staff, and students with a UCLA logon.

To log in, please visit: and log in with your UCLA logon. You will be redirected to’s homepage.

You can then access all the training courses as well as exercise files offers.

If you are unable to get into Lynda at the time you log in, it is because UCLA only has a limited number of licenses, and they are all being used. Please try again later.

Please remember to log out if you are taking a break from training so that the licenses can be freed up for other users.