Is there a permission that allows a user edit content that s/he does not own in Plone?

For Plone 2.x, 3.x


I notice that for a piece of content, both the Owner and the Manager can edit it. Naturally, I assumed that there a permission that allows the role Manager to be able to edit any content it does not own.

However, after I assign ALL the permission to a certain role, say, Reviewer, at the Plone root level (going to the Security tab after clicking on the Plone site in ZMI), a user with the role Reviewer is still not able to edit content that s/he does not own. So, it leads me to think that there is no such permission for editing content for other users? If that is the case, is the Manager role somehow “hardcoded” to be able to edit anything?

What I want to do is to have a role that can do anything (create, edit, delete) to any content of a Plone site, yet it has no access to Site Setup in Plone or whatever features that change the technical aspects of the site.


In the ZMI, click on portal_workflow, then plone_workflow. Then click on the “States” tab on the top.

As a test, try modifying the published state. Click on “published” and then select the “Permissions” tab on the top. Then check “Modify portal content” for the Reviewer role.

Also, once you have made the changes you must update the security settings or your changes will not go into effect. This can be done by clicking on portal_workflow and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Update security settings”.