Keck Digital Cultural Mapping Program and GIS / neogeography resources

Dear UCLA Faculty and Staff:

The Keck Digital Cultural Mapping Project (in its second year) offers faculty support in adding emerging mapping technologies (such as Google Maps, Google Earth, the SketchUp 3D modeling program, GIS, and more) to their undergraduate Humanities and Social Science courses:

We provide consulting services, technology training for faculty and GSRs, some $$ for purchase of maps and satellite imagery, and we have just outfitted the CDH lab and a smaller project lab with high-end visualization software like ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro, Google Sketch-Up Pro, and Adobe Design Suite CS4. Our smaller lab also has new large monitors. We are looking for faculty who want to be creative about adopting and adapting new technologies for undergraduate teaching and student projects. The award-winning Hypercities ( is one of our major platforms, but faculty are using various online mapping and modeling programs to introduce their students to the temporal and spatial dimension of research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Please see the Keck website for our list of involved faculty, our current classes, instructional resources, and online videos of the three faculty workshops held last year.

Then contact us if you would like to get involved!