Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Wave

For those using Google Wave, here is a list of keyboard shortcuts my friend Wayne (works for Google) created on his wave.

Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet:

This is a quick guide to the current keyboard shortcuts supported by Wave. If you have questions, ask them below, as they are answered and the information is folded into the cheat sheet, they will be deleted. Currently the best way to print this is to copy and paste it into an app that will print. We’ll let you know when Print support is complete!

NOTE: This wave is currently shared by all Wave users and we don’t have read-onliness implemented yet, so please don’t edit this. We DO have playback, so we’ll find you :)

Wave Navigation
Up/Down arrows use to navigate messages.
Home/End focus first/last message
Space go to next unread message.
Left/Right arrows to switch focus between digest panel and wave panel.
Page Up/Down go to the next page in the panel [does not currently work, known bug]
Ctrl-Space mark all messages read (focus must be on wave panel though) [it has been noted that this is a fairly common keyboard shortcut, so this may change]

Enter replies to message: the new message will appear just below the selected message (it will be the same indentation level if it is the first reply, but indented more if a non-first reply).
Shift-Enter replies to message at the end of thread: the new message will appear at the same indentation level, and at the BOTTOM most position.
highlight text + Enter inline reply: the new message will appear indented and INSIDE the current message.
Ctrl-R same as enter
Ctrl-E edit message
Ctrl-Enter (while editing) insert inline reply at caret

Text Editing
Shift-Enter Done
Ctrl-B toggles bold attributes for selected text
Ctrl-I toggles italicise attributes for selected text
Ctrl-G Color
Ctrl-K Insert/remove links
Tab indent
Shift-Tab unindent (/dedent/outdent)
Ctrl-1…Ctrl-4 Heading 1…Heading 4
Ctrl-5 Bulleted list
Ctrl-6 Clear heading/list
Ctrl-7 LTR + Left align
Ctrl+8 RTL + Right align
Ctrl-Enter Insert an inline reply at your current cursor

Ctrl-C copy the selected text.
Ctrl-X cut the selected text.
Ctrl-V paste the text from the text buffer.

Structural Formatting
Ctrl- Make the current line a heading, where n = 1..4 for different sized headings.
Ctrl-5 Bullets
Ctrl-6 Normal (removes heading/bullet style, but not bold/italic etc. current visual glitch in some browsers where text stays big – but this is not persistent.)
Ctrl-7 LTR + Left align
Ctrl+8 RTL + Right align

Slide Show
Space / Right Next Slide
Shift-Space/ Left Previous Slide
Down / Page Down Next set of thumbnails
Up / Page Up Previous set of thumbnails
Home First Slide
End Last Slide
Escape Close Slide Show

Ctrl+Alt+D/G Bring up popup that shows XML content + extra local annotating elements.

Coming Soon
Shortcut for showing all the shortcuts (ctrl+? is suggested)
Shortcut for Archive (ctrl+m is suggested)

Shift-Up/Down Works like up and down, but skip entire subthreads