Links to Copyright Information & Compliance Resources

Here are links to everything you ever wanted to know about copyright law and policy

Copyright Resource URL Copyright Clearance Center United States Copyright Office Stanford University Fair Use Site IUPUI Copyright Management Center Web Law FAQ Fair Use Resources Electronic Frontier Foundation American Library Association UC Office of Technology Transfer: Copyright Matters UC Policy and Guidelines on the Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research (April 1986) UCLA Office of Intellectual Property Administration A Guide to Copyright for Music Librarians Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School Orphan Works and Mass Digitization – U.S. Copyright Office June 2015

This information was originally posted on the now defunct UCLA Photographic Services Website.
Submitted by George Helfand, formerly with UCLA Photographic Services.

Something more to the point:
Best Practices in Fair Use for Filmmakers
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video