Local System Account(NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM) and network resource access

There comes time when a service or scheduled job running on windows machine needs access to a folder on the remote system. There are different ways to accomplish the task. Information below describes how to access remote share by mapping drive on the local system.

1. Login into local machine (do not use remote desktop).
2. Open command prompt (cmd.exe)
3. Schedule task to run under NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM account (at [TIME] /interactive cmd.exe) time should be following minute unless you want to camp out for a while.
When scheduled task executes you should get a new prompt window
4. Map the drive using “net use” command (net use [Drive]: \\server\myshare /User:[[remote username]] [password] /persistent:yes)
5. In order for windows service to access the drive you need to allow it to interact with desktop. Open “Services” mmc and under “Log On” tab check “Allow service to interact with desktop”.