Mac OS X - Local Web Development Environment Setup

My name is Alex Podobas and I’m a member of the UCLA IT Security Office. My IT security work at UCLA involves an ample amount of code review and writing web applications and I use OS X as my primary, day-to-day operating system. Recently, I wiped my computer and decided to use Homebrew as my package and dependency manager to re-install and customize my LAMP-stack (I suppose minus the “L” in that acronym), local environment for web development. The steps below will take you from a fresh install of OS X to having a running web server on your local machine in about an hour.


1. The instructions are attached as a link on the sidebar to your right as “LATEST – …”

2. Be sure to replace “ampodobas” with your own OS X username. To find out that username, open Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type “whoami”

3. I make no guarantees, warranties, representations that executing the instructions below will work as stated. I merely am echoing what worked for me.