Making Screenshots in Windows

In Windows, most users are at least familiar with the “Print Screen” button, which copies the ENTIRE screen to the pasteboard and can be copied into emails, manuals, etc.

But if you want to capture a selection, you need to use the SNIPPING TOOL. (and have at least Windows 7)

With the snipping tool, you can grab the entire screen, or just a selection. You can then save it, paste it into an email, etc.

To access it, click on the ‘Start Menu’ in Windows 7, type “Snip” in the search box, and windows should find it (tip: add it you your task bar or start menu for easy access later!). In Windows 8, go to the ‘Metro’ interface, and just start typing ‘Snip’ and Windows 8 will find the same application.

Full details can be found here: