managing youtube closed captions

“For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Closed Captions can mean the difference between understanding perfectly or not understanding at all. On top of that, if the language of the video you’re watching isn’t your first language, Closed Captions can help you to better process what’s being said. Better yet, subtitles are sometimes offered in various languages, allowing you to view content you never otherwise would’ve understood.

And yet, for all the potential usefulness of Closed Captions and subtitles, they can still be hard to come by on YouTube. Transcribing YouTube videos can be time-consuming or expensive.

Thankfully, there are a good number of tools out there for making the most out of your Closed Captions and subtitles on YouTube. Whether you’re a Creator looking to make your content more accessible, or a viewer who prefers or needs subtitles/CC, we’ve got you covered in this list."

7 Best Tools for Managing Subtitles/CC on YouTube