Moodle Meta/Child Site Gradebook Behavior

Do gradebook grades propagate from meta course sites back to their respective child course sites?

When a student takes a quiz in the metasite, it appears that grades are reported to the gradebook of the meta-site but not reported to the children sites.

In Moodle 1.8.x, when courses are ‘crosslisted’ such that there is a meta course with one or more children courses, the enrollees of the child courses can access all the content of the meta. The meta course is populated with all the students of the child courses. Enrollees of the child courses access content for that course website as they normally do.

Test Setup:
Meta course (Ted’s meta)
-Child site (Ted’s child 1), containing ‘janebruin’ as a student
-Child site (Ted’s child 2), containing ‘joebruin’ as a student

1. Assigned the children courses to the Meta course.
2. Confirmed that the students are enrolled in the Meta course.
3. As an instructor, created and assigned a quiz in the Meta course.
4. Logged in as ‘janebruin’ and ‘joebruin’ and submitted quiz attempts.

5. Checked gradebook of Meta site. Saw that ‘joebruin’ and ‘janebruin’ grades are reported.
6. Checked gradebook of Child sites. Saw message ‘no grades have been reported’