Mouse scroll wheel issues in Windows 7

A mouse with a scroll wheel that works fine in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and other OS’es does not work properly in Windows 7.

In some applications in Windows 7, it may work fine, in others, it either does not work, or does not scroll down (scrolling up still works in some cases).

This may occur on hardware that is Windows 7 approved and should work. In some cases this has been reported in Vista as well, but almost never older OS’es (such as XP, 2000, etc.).

This is a common issue:

The root cause appears to be that the software in question is that the mouse being uses can send more fine-grained mouse wheel input than the software in question supports.

If installing the latest mouse drivers does not solve the problem, and the latest application software updates do not solve this problem, the best solution is to replace the mouse.
It’s due to the handling of the delta value passed in the wm_mousewheel message assuming a delta of 120 but some mice have a smaller delta (as is allowed on vista/win7) which breaks the previous logic. one of the devs was meant to be looking into changing the handling but that never happened i believe and without knowing what mice exhibit this finer level of scrolling (as i need a new mouse but can’t get a definite answer) i’m not going to shell out for something that won’t help.

Specific example: This issue has been replicated at SSC with the Microsoft Comfort Mouse Optical 3000 as well as several other generic mouses. On the same system, the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB and Logitech LX3 work fine. Installing Microsoft Intellipoint software (and uninstalling it did not help). The system in question worked fine in Windows XP, but not in Windows 7.

Applications affected included Microsoft Access 2007, but not Windows Explorer or Firefox.

Per the links above, this issue is not particular to these specific applications or hardware.