Moving from Hummingbird v8 to V9? Got some errors?

Some errors have popped up when trying to access models once you upgraded to version 9 of Bi/Query Hummingbird.


Upgraded from 8.x to version 9.0.1, and now when trying to connect to any model getting error: Connection Error – MS ODBC SQL Driver login failed for user NULL. Not associated with a trusted SQL server connection. The Test for the SQL datasource tests fine.

Make sure this error message says “USER NULL”….

The first thing I would do is run through the following steps:
Shut down all BI applications on your machine.
Open the \Program Files\Hummingbird\BI\Query\bi.ini file in Notepad
Change the line:
Save and then close this file.

Also, another error AFTER you do this might be, after fixing the above, and you try to login you get an error of “ODBC data source name which is specified in the connection document for the data model no longer exists…”

This can often happen when a model is moved from one machine to another or if the DSN actually gets deleted.


Since you have tested the ODBC connection we can safely assume that the DSN exists and works. The next step is to force the connection document for this model to use that data source name. You can do this by selecting menu Host > Connection (from within Hummingbird).

From the Connections dialog select the connection document that you are using to connect to the database.

This will likely be the default connection document which is denoted by a black dot beside its name.

Click on this one and then press the Edit… button.

You will likely get a message : "The datasource ‘’ cannot be found.

Click OK on this message.

rom the Data source dropdown field select the correct data source (QDB Production – SQL Server) and then click Save.