My hard disk crashed, What should I do?

Contact your local support personnel. A technician can remove your hard disk and run various diagnostics on the drive. If the problem is not too severe, data can be transferred to another hard drive or networked drive while the defective hard disk is being replaced. However, severe physical damage to a hard disk will require a professional data recovery service. This is a very expensive option which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. A company that offers professional data recovery service is ONTRACK


  • Data Savers:
  • Drive Savers:
    • Reference UCLA’s Program ID#: DS83141
    • DriveSavers offers UCLA staff, faculty and students the following benefits:
      • Automatic University discounts up to 27%
      • Free Shipping to and from DriveSavers, Inc. via Federal Express
      • Free Evaluation Service on Economy Service single drives recoveries
      • No Data-No Charge Policy for our Economy and Standard Service single drive recoveries
      • Ability to recovery encrypted data (i.e., PGP encrypted)
      • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) exists with UCLA Medical Center
  • MDS Data Recovery Service:
  • Lazarus Data Recovery
  • ACS Data Recovery