OASIS shortcut for Host Explorer 15

By default, Host Explorer 15 does not automatically start OASIS like in Host Explorer 9. If your only reason to connect to zos.ais.ucla.edu is for OASIS access, you can save a step by creating a keystroke script in Host Explorer.

Create a new quick script to run when starting Host Explorer

Open Connection Central
Quick Scripts > Open any one of the existing scripts
File > New
Select Quick Script type: 3270
Commands > Send keystrokes
Enter oasis
Click OK
Repeat, and from Category, select Action Keys
Select Enter and click Insert. Click OK
The script should now look like:

Send keystrokes: oasis, 0
Send keystrokes: [Enter], 0

Save the quick script as something like “oasis auto start”
Go to your zos.ais.ucla.edu connection
Open Properties
Connection > Other
For Auto start Quick-Key/Quick Script/Macro, browse and select the script you created
Click OK

Hope this helps. (Credit to the SSC Support staff).

Marked as reviewed on 10.04.2019 by Chan, Bobby