Outlook 2007 (Windows 7) OLK (Attachment folder?)

Problem: You open an attachment from Outlook, (word, excel etc), you make changes to it, you just hit “save”. Where did it go? In theory, if you exit out, and say “yes” to the two “do you wish to save messages”, the file/attachment should now be updated in that email, but that never works the way you want it to…. (blame microsoft).

What do you do!! No fear, hopefully your hours of work will still be here. 50/50 chance.. but it’s worth a shot right?

Type (copy/paste) this into your IE window:

% userprofile % \Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook

note: take the spaces out from the % sign. should be PERCENTSIGNuserprofilePERCENTSIGN.

This will pull up the super hidden directory from where Outlook stores the temp files. Previously known as the ever so happy “OLKxxx” folder.