Print Screen Fixes

Print screen has saved me many times in various cases. Its a feature that you should know if you work at some kind of tech support.

The print screen button on the keyboard for PC saves an image of the screen onto the clipboard. You then just open up an image editing program (like Paint) to paste onto it. You can also use the Alt-Print Screen key combination to copy only the current window in Windows.

For Macs, Command & Shift & 3 does the same thing. Even neater is the Command & shift & 4 feature which allows you to specify which portion of the screen to capture.

Cases where this is helpful is when something needs to be pulled off a website, converting a file format to an image, saving someone’s work on a page when Ctrl & save is not possible, printing otherwise-unprintable things from various programs, etc.

If you have a bit of expertise with some graphics editing program (more advanced than Paint), then the ability to print screen becomes even more powerful.