Printing from OASIS

OASIS (Online Administrative Systems Information Services) is the system used for the administration of UCLA. There are several avenues users can take to retrieve reports entered into this system. The one being discussed in this article is for those items that require a special setup between AIS (Mainframe) Computer and the user’s printer.

AIS currently supports mainframe connectivity for over 800 printers campus-wide, allowing departments to DPRs, IDOC, and RDS reports (Note1, see below) on local printers. These printers can be connected to anything that can run lpd / Unix print services (OS X, Linux, Unix, Novell etc.), but the only thing AIS is able to provide troubleshooting support for is Windows 2000/2003.

All requests for OASIS remote printing MUST be made via e-mail to the AIS Help Desk with the required information:

Requestor’s Name,
Phone Extension,
Server IP Address,
Printer Queue Name,
Type of printer,
Server Network Operating System (Novell/Unix/Windows),
Type of printing desired (RDS, IDOC or DPRs/Transcripts)

Additional information is needed if the setup is for DPRs/Transcripts, the Registrar’s Office requires the information of the person doing the printing:
(Note: The Registrar’s Office reserves the right to decline the request if the user is not already setup for this type of printing)

User’s Name,
OASIS logon Id,
Phone Extension,

Once all the pieces have been completed for your request, the requestor will be notified via e-mail and the printer id will be provided.

Note1: RDS has a web base counterpart that does not require this type of setup. It is called Document Direct or DDI.

AIS Help Desk – – 310/(20)6-6951