Problems with Moodle non-UCLA Special Cases

This is a list of the problems that we are currently aware of with special case enrollments in Moodle classes where the person does not have a UCLA Login and can log into My.UCLA (use ISIS). And who can add them? Instructors, TAs, Admins?


  • they won’t show up in My.UCLA
    • Gradebook
    • Roster (download or view)
    • Email to class won’t include them
    • BruinCard photo won’t show up in roster
  • The drop/unenroll process won’t be the same as for Registrar data-driven enrollments
  • May not have access to BOL VPN, which affects:
    • Library Electronic Reserves
    • Library Licensed Content
    • OID Video Furnace
    • CLICC Software Shortcut (Citrix) won’t show if they’re not on UCLA IP, give message
    • Wireless won’t work
    • UCLA Login (ISIS) won’t work (by definition)
    • Can’t login to CLICC Labs

Types of Special Cases

  • Extension Students (they show up on SRWeb and Rosters, but they show up much later and we’re not sure of their login abilities.
    • they can login to CLICC Lab
    • not sure about ISIS
    • not sure about BOL VPN
  • Senior Scholars
  • Community Scholars (only SPA)
  • student auditors
  • guest lecturers
  • Rand and other research centers

Potential Solutions

  • Senior Scholars have an agreement with BOL where they can get a BOL ID but what does that mean? Can these BOL IDs be given full privileges. Currently they don’t have UIDs.
  • Could Moodle be programmed to accept PPID or UCLA LOGON ID in lieu of UID?
  • For instructor to see all students, go to my.ucla gradebook and Moodle Assign Roles, look at Student – UCLA
  • Could My.UCLA accept Moodle Special Cases data feed?