Protecting Your Work in the Computer Labs

Protecting Your Work in the Labs

If you are using one the computer labs, it is crucial that you consistently save your work.
Most importantly, save your email attachments before editing them.

When you receive an email with an attachment, it is important that you save you document to the computer’s public drive (D:) in the WORKSPACE folder.

DO NOT simply open the document from your email and make changes from there, you will lose your changes. If you want to keep the document in email, you can attach the edited document to a new email once your have finished changing it.

If you save your file to the public drive and you accidentally log off without saving your work elsewhere, your file will still be in the public drive, workspace folder when you log back on to that machine. However, after you’ve logged off your files will be deleted at log off. You should save your as you’re working, and when you’re finished, there are several ways you can take your work with you. It is a good idea to save to a backup device such as a USB flash drive, a CD/DVD, or a floppy (which are provided for free at the SSC front desk).