REBOL Resources

REBOL is a messaging language for distributed Internet applications that run across all devices. (I’m interested if it can be used as a quick, lightweight way to do web services. – Mike Franks – 8 July 2004)

REBOL is not a traditional computer language like C, BASIC, or Java. Instead, REBOL was designed to solve one of the fundamental problems in computing: the exchange and interpretation of information between distributed computer systems. REBOL accomplishes this through the concept of relative expressions (which is how REBOL got its name as the Relative Expression-Based Object Language). Relative expressions, also called “dialects”, provide greater efficiency for representing code as well as data, and they are REBOL’s greatest strength. For example, REBOL can not only create a graphical user interface in one line of code, but it can also send that line as data to be processed and displayed on other Internet computer systems around the world.

This article was originally posted on the UCLA Programmers Wiki.