Request iDOC printer to be created

Does a user need to print IDOCs? Does the department/user not have a "R"xxxx printer?

Users have the ability to print IDOCs from the campus EDB system.

A laser printer hooked directly to your parallel port, or a printer with a network adapter is required by AIS.

First, always call AIS Helpdesk to confirm if that department/user/printer is already in the system to print. With an IP address they can find that “R” printer for you. If none is available, one can be requested:

Email this info to the AIS Helpdesk.

The server IP address of the printer :
The queue name of the printer :
The type of printer, HP etc … :
The type of NOS; network operating system :
The type of remote printer access requested: DPRs/Transcript, IDOCs , RDS :
User’s logon id :
CSC name :
Department :
Phone number :